Circus Camp

 Each day begins with a friendly greeting, a vigorous warm-up and game. Campers improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and confidence as they rotate through a series of circus learning stations including balancing (tight wire, unicycling, stilt walking, rolling globes, spooner and balance boards)  juggling (feathers, plates, diablo, devil sticks, bean bags & balls) tumbling, theatrical clowning and aerial arts (static trapeze, Spanish web, aerial silks and Lyra). 

Campers discover and practice new skills in a fun and supportive environment.  All participants have an opportunity to choose an area of interest on which to focus and improve as they work toward accomplishing specific goals. Everyone works individually, in pairs, small groups and as a entire  circus community.

1 week camp sessions   are designed for learning basics and further developing circus skills -  while 2 week camp session are for more intensive training and culminate in a short circus presentation finale where the campers share their excitement and joy of specialty skills!  

DRESS CODE: Campers should wear comfortable clothing that supports ease of movement and rubber soled shoes (sneakers) for running games, riding unicycle and other balancing activities. Additionally they should wear a snug fitting tank top or under shirt that covers the torso while upside down. Long hair should always be secured or be tied back away from the face. Thank you.

Circus Camp!
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