Laurie Carroll

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Lawrence (Laurie) Carroll is a yoga-alliance certified instructor through the Kripalu lineage. He is passionate about supporting others’ health and fitness. He is a native born Australian who grew up as a surfer and long distance runner, including two 100 mile ultra-marathons.  Lawrence is a veteran educator who was nominated for the Distinctive Educator of the Berkshires. He has been practicing yoga for ten years and meditation for thirty years. Lawrence’s focus in yoga is how to use the principles of synchronized breathing, conscious movement and recovery as a way to build resilience and vitality. He helps his students channel their yoga skills to work for them in everyday life for awareness, concentration, stress management and overall good physical and mental health.  Lawrence encourages his students to be patient and kind to themselves, working at their own level. He will leave you with new skills of self awareness and empower you to find balance and centeredness in your life.

Laurie's Classes