Olivia Sblendorio

Unless you count the 7 year old Aerial Extravaganzas where she tied her dolls from trees and spun them around in intricate "choregraphy,"  Olivia got a late start in the circus, seeing a poster at Vassar College for a new circus club. Since then, she has specialized in aerial silks, flying trapeze, circus theatre, counterbalance acrobatics, Pilates and clown. 

Olivia has held speaking engagements and taught children and adults across the globe, from refugee camps to exclusive educational institutions, including TSNY, STREB, TSNY Beantown, Aircraft Aerial Arts, Camp Kennolyn, Aerial Arts Santa Cruz, Los Gatos JCC, 92nd St. Y, Trapeze Arts, Big Apple Circus After School, Cirque du Soleil's Cirque du Monde, American Circus Educators Conference, Healthcare Clowning International Meeting, Zagreb Otherness Identity Conference, Bindlestiff Family Circus, COARC, Open Sky Trapeze, Old American Can Factory, and Tito Gaona's Flying Fantasy Circus. Olivia went full Carney living on the circus train while touring with Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus. Leaving the arena for street festivals, Olivia performs vaudeville and innovative physical comedy in cabarets around the world. Along the way, she has studied Non-Violent communication, cognitive behavioral therapy, sexual education pedagogy, and the evolving eating disorder research. She is passionate about the little things we can do that bring kindness, growth, and compassion to our world, and she’s utterly grateful for how every group teaches her more about humanity.  

A Brooklyn native now living in Great Barrington, she is co-founder of Awkward (at best) Productions, a circus & performance coach, hospital clown, voice-over actor, op-ed writer, real estate mogul, and also teaches sex-ed and self empowerment workshops for girls. Www.landinthe.net 
Awkward (at best) Productions, founded in 2004, is hoping to be so successful we can sell out. www.awkwardatbest.com