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  • Winter Classes Begin on January 2, 2017!

  • Winter VACATION CAMP!!  February 20-24, 2017 from 9am-3pm. Sign up for 1 day or more & save! No experience necessary Ages 7-14

  • Work exchange program available for tuition reduction 
  • PLEASE "like" us on Facebook - where you can also learn about class updates & cancellations.
    Or call (413) 429-4215. 

  • We are located in the Center of Great Barrington at 115 Gas House Lane - just off Main Street behind Cumberland Farms Gas Station.



Welcome to BERKCIRQUE - we have been bringing Circus Arts to families in the Berkshire-Taconic Region for more than 10 years! Circus Arts are a great way for people to learn artistic, athletic and social skills in a fun and non-competitive environment. Tumbling, balancing, juggling, clowning, unicycling, aerial arts and walking a tight wire are just a few skills that are taught in this focused form of free expression.  Circus Arts are a disciplined form of movement that is equally appealing to both genders and is for people of ALL ages! This type of training improves spatial awareness, coordination, self-esteem, physical fitness and trust. Working to meet goals is highly satisfying; everyone is part of a creative process when they join together to develop small group acts. Our circus shows come to life when each member is appreciated for what he or she brings out of a unique self blended with the newly formed circus community.