Latest News

  • There are NO After School classes during the spring break week. The spring session begins on  April 24. All Adult classes will meet as usual during the week of April 17-21, 2017.

  • Community Drum Circle - Fun for all ages Friday evening April 21 - We have drums  and hoops to loan - see you there!

  • Summer  CIRCUS  CAMP dates  June 12-16, July 17-21 and August 14-25,  Register before June 2, 2017  for early bird special pricing!!

  • Win a week of summer camp - Raffle tickets on sale now  $5. PLEASE Support our CAMP  scholarship program

  • Do you know of someone who would enjoy a week of camp??

  • Donate  today!! 

  • FIRST CLASS is FREE during the month of April for First time BERKCIRQUE students.

  • We are located in the Center of Great Barrington at 115 Gas House Lane - just off Main Street behind Cumberland Farms Gas Station.



Welcome to BERKCIRQUE - we have been bringing Circus Arts to families in the Berkshire-Taconic Region for more than 10 years! Circus Arts are a great way for people to learn artistic, athletic and social skills in a fun and non-competitive environment. Tumbling, balancing, juggling, clowning, unicycling, aerial arts and walking a tight wire are just a few skills that are taught in this focused form of free expression.  Circus Arts are a disciplined form of movement that is equally appealing to both genders and is for people of ALL ages! This type of training improves spatial awareness, coordination, self-esteem, physical fitness and trust. Working to meet goals is highly satisfying; everyone is part of a creative process when they join together to develop small group acts. Our circus shows come to life when each member is appreciated for what he or she brings out of a unique self blended with the newly formed circus community.